Conservation Partners
World Land Trust:  This UK foundation funds projects all over the world, with many projects in Ecuador including significant funding for the Jocotoco Foundation. Help save the rainforests: support their Tropical Forest Project in Ecuador.
World Parks: This US foundation funds local land-purchasing foundations like the Jocotoco Foundation (and Ecominga once this becomes legally registered in Ecuador). Donations toWorld Parks go directly to the local foundation with virtually no overhead, and donors get a US tax deduction. Donors, please specify that your donation is to go to Ecuadorian plant conservation!

Jocotoco Foundation: This foundation was formed to buy up habitat of endangered Ecuadorian birds. It is a model foundation, lean and focussed, putting all of its resources into direct forest protection, They now protect about 8000 hectares in six strategically located reserves. See my report on their reserves: Jocotoco Foundation Reserves.

Luna Runtun Adventure Spa: This beautiful spa and hotel in Baños, Ecuador, has begun to buy up critical forest in the area for conservation. They are to be congratulated and merit our support.
I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Carl Luer for his help and guidance in my orchid studies. Special thanks to John and Ruth Moore for their generous financial support since the beginning via donations to the Population Biology Foundation, and to the San Diego County Orchid Society for their continuing support. Thanks also to the Orchid Resource Center, the Center for International Studies-Andean Study Programs, Kent and Cherise Udell, and R. Bozek and Alyssa Roberts. The discoveries reported here are theirs as well as mine.
Luna Runtun