Teagueia cymbisepala Luer and Jost (Orchidaceae)


T. cymbisepala LJ 1903 by Dr. Carl Luer, taken from his Icones XX (Luer 2000).

   Teagueia cymbisepala is the rarest of the seven Teagueia species on Cerro Mayordomo. I only found a single plant, and its only flower was almost closed. Weather conditions were too harsh for my camera, which had fogged up completely that day, so I do not even have a photograph of it. It was the biggest and most brightly colored Teagueia species on Mayordomo.

    It grew at 3100 m among plants of T. alyssana, T. jostii, and T. sancheziae, all creeping in the moss that covered the ground and lower tree trunks.. Most likely there are big populations of T. cymbisepala on some unexplored mountain near here.









Distribution of T. cymbisepala

Elevation legend for both maps in meters.



Teagueia cymbisepala Luer and Jost (Orchidaceae)