Mystery Plants
HoClick on these to see botanical illustrations, photos or scans, and/or descriptions. I would like to hear from any experts in these families who might be able to identify the plants. My current email address is on my home page.

Unidentified Orchids:   Here are photos of orchids I am currently trying to identify. Some may be new. At the moment there are plants from the following genera (click on the genus you would like to see; it will open in its own browser window): Habenaria, Maxillaria, Psilochilus, Stellilabium.

Asclepias sp.:    Gentry's Field Guide to the Woody Plants of Northwest South America claims that the only Asclepias in northwest South America is A. curassavica, the common orange Butterfly Weed. The plant I found seems to be an Asclepias, but it isn't A. curassavica. The trunk of this one is three or four centimeters thick, and the flowers are large for Asclepias. It grew at 1700 m.

Feb. 17 2004: MYSTERY SOLVED! Mark Duffell, a horticulturalist in the UK, recognized this as Gomphocarpus (syn. Asclepias) fruticosa, a South African plant not previously recorded from Ecuador. According to Mark, this species is naturalized in many other countries and has become a problem weed in Australia.