Rain Forests and Cloud Forests


What's in this book....

       Elsewhere in this website I describe and analyze some of the scientific aspects of evolution, but here I stand open-mouthed, speechless, in silent awe at its creations, these amazing organisms that were once thought to be creations of a God. How much more amazing to realize that they are creations of the earth iteslf! I get goosebumps and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I let that sink into my brain.

     The images I present here are a random selection of the wonders I have encountered during my tropical explorations. Browse through them, and perhaps you too will feel the goosebumps...



     Table of Contents

Note: The Chapters are still under construction and are only partially on line.


1. Plants

2. Moths, butterflies, and other insects

3. Frogs

4. Snakes and lizards

5. Birds

6. Mammals

7. Cloud forests

8. Rain forests


Rain Forests and Cloud Forests